Nicht heute mein Freund.


  • Anagapesis; no longer feeling any affection for someone you once loved


Portrait Shooting with Moira

Merry Christmas

Moira is one of my oldest friends and this is the second shooting we had, one was back in the summer. She is one of the few people I know, who is down to shoot on the 26th of December. Even with all the Christmas related family stress, we found the time and had a great shooting in the subway stations of Bonn, the town where both of our families live, which were nearly empty due to the holiday. I brought my uncle with me, who is a photographer and one of my biggest supporters and she brought her little cousin, who only speaks English and Croatian. We had a lot of fun while my uncle took some great behind the scene photos and her cousin kept all our bags safe, so it all worked out very well. Can't wait to see and shoot her in May, when I visit her in Vienna.