Not today my friend.


Farina Hannemann Renegade Portrait

Smiley Face

the last days of spring

Farina Hannemann Portrait Portaitshooting Anna München Renegade Munich Shooting

Munich Vibes

meet up in Munich

Farina Hannemann Lisbon Lisboa Lissabon Travel Travelphotography Europe

Lisbon at it’s best

5 days in Portugal

Farina Hannemann Portraitshooting Homeshooting Angelina Renegade

through the window

first time with sony

Farina Hannemann Renegade Portrait Potraitfotografie


meeting old friends

Rainy Days

short but nice

Farina Hannemann Renegade Portrait Portraitphotography

Botanical Gardens

a very green meet up

Farina Hannemann Mailand Milan Renegade Travelphotography Travel Photography

July in Milan

three days in Milan with good friends.

Farina Hannemann Portraitshooting Homeshooting Melina Renegade

Sunbeams in the kitchen

a cold wave hit Germany but the sun was still out

Farina Hannemann Renegade Portrait Portraitphotography Louise

Snow in Hamburg

home shooting with cats