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Milan, London, Berlin, Madrid | Travel Plans August – September


It’s August, my friends, in 4 months the year 2018 begins – isn’t that crazy? How fast time passes? My semester is done and I’m on my summer break. And while I was enjoying my free time and looked forward to my upcoming travels, I thought writing about it would be kinda interesting to you.

After my year abroad in far-far-away Australia, I decided to see more of Europe. We’re all living on the most diverse continent, so while everybody is heading to Thailand, America or South Africa, some of the most amazing places are kind of in front of our door. In March I started to put as many Cities in my holidays as I could, and the following travel plans were created. All of the travels are booked by myself and very spontaneous since the deals and special prices normally disappear after a few hours.


Keep Calm We’re Going To Milan

My travel plans start with Milan, together with my Bestie and another friend. From the 21st to the 23rd of August we’re gonna explore Milan and sleep in a sweet and tiny Apartment, which I found on Airbnb. I found the flights pretty cheap at Eurowings and since the first flight is very early and the last one pretty late, we’re gonna get the most of our three-day tour. Since I found a newbie code for Airbnb and the flights were a special price, every one of us only pays 80€ for flights and accommodation. It’s gonna be my first time in Italy and I really can’t wait, since I love Italian wine and Italian food. So now we’re just gonna have to pray for good weather and nothing can go wrong.


See You In London

The trip to London was the last one I booked, just two weeks ago. I was lying in bed in the morning and found this deal online: Flights with Ryanair and accommodation for two nights in the central Rest Up Hostel in London for 69€ per Person, from the 5th to the 7th of September. I booked with Expedia and can check our travel details online, anytime I want. My company is gonna be a good friend from university and since the last time I have been in London was in my 8th grade of high school, there is still a lot to see for us.

Next Stop: Berlin

Just the day after I arrive back home from London, I’ll jump on the next plane to go to Berlin. This time it’s not gonna be a usual city trip like the other ones, since I’ll be going to the Lollapalooza Festival, just like last summer. Next, to Mumford & Sons and The XX, I’m looking forward to Materia, Two Door Cinema Club, George Ezra, Galantis and much more. It was a blast last year and we bought the tickets for this year just a week after it ended. My flights are with Ryanair, as usual, and cost 49€. Our accommodation is gonna be the All In Hostel in Kreuzberg, where we pay 44,50€ for four nights.

Finally Madrid

My travel plans end in Madrid, which I’ll be exploring from the 19th to the 21st of September. While I visited Barcelona as a child, I’ve never been to the capital city of Spain before. My company is the same friend that travels to Berlin together with me. We lived together in Sydney and traveled through Indonesia for a month – so we are approved Travelbuddies. The flights go from Frankfurt and together with our accommodation, the cute Hotel Casa Bueno, we pay 71€ per PersonWhich is a really good deal I’d say, and my students budget says so too.


So if you have any tips or recommendations for any of the cities, please give them to me!
I wish you all a nice summer,


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5 thoughts on Milan, London, Berlin, Madrid | Travel Plans August – September

  1. Das ist genau in meinem Sinne! Alle möchten weit weg, dabei haben wir so schöne Orte vor der Nase. Schön, dass jemand diese Ansicht teil. Ich bin gespannt auf dein Fazit der Kurztrips :) Viel Spaß dabei!

  2. klingt nach einem spannenden Reiseplan, ich bin da nur aus gesundheitlichen Gründen in Deutschland unterwegs. ;)
    Nach London geht es nächstes Jahr für mich wegen einer Hochzeit, aber nach Berlin wahrscheinlich schon im September zu einigen Drehs, Shootings und wahrscheinlich auch einen Workshop.

    Liebe Grüße
    Bettina von

  3. Oh ja! Wie schnell die Zeit doch vergeht! Das ist soooo erschreckend!

    Mailand fand ich damals ehr schön! Leider hat’s total geschüttet während aller Tage, an denen ich dort war… Dennoch habe ich tolle Erinnerungen daran und hoffe du hast dort auch viel Spaß!

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