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3 days in Milan


The first one of my travels for this summer is done: 3 days in the dream of a city Milan, which showed its best side while we were there. Since we made a few, little discoveries and I want to share my experiences, here comes a little Travel diary. 

The Basics: Our flight was with Eurowings at the Cologne/Bonn Airport and went at lovely 6:55 am. So the alarm went off at 4 am, but we arrived in Milan at 8 am, so we had a full first day. On day 3 the flight back was at 8:25 pm, which left us a whole day in Milan as well.

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The Accommodation

First things first: I booked a little apartment via Airbnb for us 3 girls. It was my second time with Airbnb and I am completely convinced of its concept since this trip! We slept in Setalana and believe me, all three girls were absolutely amazed by what we saw. We jumped and laughed around like little girls once we opened the first door which leads to a patio, which you can see in the photo above. Milan is well known for its patios but the photos on the Airbnb site didn’t make the grade and we didn’t expect this Italian beauty. The apartment was perfect for our needs, a nice bathroom with a good shower, a big bedroom, a living room and a small kitchen. The bed was comfy and it was enough space for three girls and their luggage. The location was awesome, just two minutes walk from the central station and a lot of restaurants near by. Since we arrived so early, we could store our luggage and change in the office of the guy who rented us the apartment, which was near the central station too! Same on our last day, we could place our stuff in the office and pick it up in the evening right before we went to the airport. So I’ll give this a 10/10.

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The Italian Way

We spent the whole first day with walking around the city. We followed the cardinal direction in which we expected the city center but the rest was just on foot in front of another. Which is, for me, the best idea to start a city trip with! Get some orientation and stroll from one smoothie store to the next ice-cream shop – and that’s what we did. We discovered so many small alleys and used our day ticket for the train just for the quick drive home. The second day started with a much better investment. For 4,50€ we got E-Bikes for 24 hours. In Milan, you got hundreds of stations where you can park and pick up the bikes. We never searched longer than a couple of minutes for the next one and once you get the code via SMS, you simply put it in and get your bike. This was the best thing of the whole trip! We could drive through the little streets and alleys of Milan and saw so much more than you would while looking out of a tram window. Simply download the app BikeMi, pay with credit card and there you go!

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II

More by accident we found ourselves in front of the most beautiful mall in this world, right at day one. We were searching for a bench to sit down and enjoy our delicious icecream and so it happened. Of course, it was pretty crowded but since the spectacular things are the walls and the ceiling, you always have a good look, no matter how many people are there. We did not have enough money to go to one of the stores located inside the mall, but Prada, Chanel & Co. will never be my kind of aim to go shopping. But even without the stores, this place is just magical.


Pizza e Pasta

We walked a couple of kilometers, so once we moved in our apartment, we sat down for a while and relaxed. Since we were all a little knocked out, we searched for a small and near by restaurant. Little Italy sounded pretty nice online and it was just a few minutes walk. The store was really small but crowded, the service was nothing like the German standards but completely alright. The pizza came with a big dough and a lot of topping and it tasted awesome. On day two we stopped at Corso di Porta Ticinese, a really beautiful street full of restaurants, cafés, and stores. Right at the corner, we found a little shop which got our attention because of its name and the minimal design. Farini sold next to delicious pizza to go, some amazing salads and smoothies. But the most amazing pasta I had on our last day just before we went to the airport. At Osteria Italiana, we could sit outside and the Spaghetti Pomodoro was fabulous. It was just like you imagine the perfect pasta, so good that I had to take a typical Food-Pic for Instagram.

Duomi Di Milano Mailand Milan Architecture Street Architektur Travelblog Reiseblog Traveldiary Renegade Italien Italy

Duomo Di Milano

For our second day, we wanted to go on top of the dome of Milan. Which is the thing to do for any tourist, that’s why we were a little bit scared, that it would be super crowded. But we were lucky, I don’t know if it was because of the mid day heat or because it was a Tuesday, but we didn’t have to wait in line. The view over the city was just awesome and a little boy played violin down on the place in front of the dome so it was a magical moment. I can recommend visiting the dome around noon since most of the shops and restaurants in Milan take a siesta and that’s why some of the tourists go back to their hotel as well.


Milan Street Vibes

I really can’t say it enough: the streets ins Milan are beautiful. There are no right words to describe it, you just have to see it. On the right photo you see the Corso di Porta Ticinese, which I mentioned before, and the city gate of the medieval Milan. On the left photo, you see a small street and the Arco Della Pace (where this photo was taken). For our last night in Milan, we sat down in a small restaurant near the channels in Navigli. Here come tourists and locals together to drink, eat and enjoy the night. It was the perfect atmosphere to let the night fade away.

So what do we learn from this post: Go to Milan, soon!

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